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The church

The church Saint-Ghislain was built in XVth and XVIth century(1). The city owns this church as it was built before the "law separating the Church and the State" from 1910.

External view of the choir
The big funerary monument with the church in background

A small graveyard is located around the church. It was used until 70's. The big funerary monument next to the church was renewed by the city as part of the common heritage as it was abandoned.

A new graveyard apart of the village is nowadays replacing the old one of the church. It is located in the "route de Wattignies" (road of Wattignies) in the direction of Dimont (see map below).

View the church on a wider map

(1) According to the "inventaire général du patrimoine culturel" (global cultural heritage inventory) (in french)