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Commune de Wattignies-la-Victoire (municipality of Wattignies-la-Victoire)
Mairie (city hall)
1 rue Carnot
59680 Wattignies-la-Victoire
phone (+33)(0)327.678.216
Contact de city hall by email

Editor and website's responsible

The mayor Mr. Jean LEVEQUE

Development, webdesign and hosting :

Association Réseau des villes et villages numériques  (RVVN)
Hotel de ville de Valenciennes
BP 339
59304 Valenciennes cedex

Photos Credit

Unless otherwise stated, pictures are owned by the municipality of Wattignies-la-Victoire.

Pictures and photos of the website can't be copied, duplicated or used without autorisation of the municipality of Wattignies-la-Victoire. Any request should be sent in written form to:
1 rue Carnot
59680 Wattignies-la-Victoire

Information to the CNIL (National Commission on Informatics and Liberty) and personal data

As this website is a pure institutional communication channel, not commercial it is not entitled to be declared th the CNIL in accordance with dispense n° 7 (Decision n°2006-138 from 9th may 2006 - J.O n° 128 from 3rd june 2006).

Collected data in forms are confidential and won't be provided to any third party.

You have the right to access, modify, update and delete these stored personnal data. To use your rights, you can apply in written form to the city hall:

1 rue Carnot
59680 Wattignies-la-Victoire

Any partial or total reproduction of any element from this website made for collective use is strictly forbidden without the autorisation of the municipality of Wattignies-la-Victoire (article L.122-4 du Code de la propriété intellectuelle „french intellectual property law book"). Any use for commercial or advertisement purpose is totally prohibited.
Hypertexts links
Any hyperlink from external websites to any website's page is free, with the only condition that the content is displayed into a separate window and without any possible misunderstanding for the user.
This autorisation is not granted to any material with pornographics content, pedophile content as well as the one's incitating to violence, to racial hatred, to revisionism. More generally, the autorisation is not granted to any material broadcasting content against public order and mores as well as one's affecting interests or repution of the municipality of Wattignies-la-Victoire.
Hyperlinks contained in this website to external websites don't engage the responsability of the municipality of Wattignies-la-Victoire on the content of these websites. Hyperlinks to other websites are only given for information purposes.


In order to adapt the website's content to our visitors, we are monitoring the amount of visits, browsed pages, visitors activity on the website and how often they visit back.

Data generated by cookies will be sent and stored by the RVVN on servers located in France. These information (including your partial IP address stored partiallly) to evaluated your habits on this website, to compile reports destinated to this website editor.

According European regulation, you can desactivate the use of cookies by using proper settings of your browser. By using this internet website, you accept the use of your data by the RVVN and the city of Wattignies-la-Victoire under terms and uses described above.

Information content of the website

All website's content is provided for information purposes only and can be changed anytime without notice. Thus, users are taking these information on their own responsability.

Users herewith accept terms of use. Any case of litigation on the interpretation or use of herewith terms would exclusively fall within french justice's abilities by applying the french law.